Cruel Fur Facts That Make You Realize the Importance Of Cruelty-Free, Vegan Fashion

Every single day there are innocent animals suffering in the confined cages of fur farms around the world, waiting to be brutally killed simply for the sake of fashion. 85% of fur within the fashion industry comes from fur farms where animals are locked in small cages, sitting in their own feces and urine, starving, and waiting to be killed by cruel practices that consist of electrocution, suffocation, gas, physical beatings, or even poison. These shocking statistics and facts have the ability to make any animal lover realize the importance of vegan fashion and how it can save the lives of innocent animals around the world.

Fur farms care about cutting costs, not animal rights

Naturally, animals want to roam free they want to have sufficient space to play, run, eat, drink, swim, etc. In order to be happy, these are the basic fundamentals all animals need, and fur farms take these basic animal rights away. To save money on space, fur farmers cram multiple animals into cages that are much too small for them, leaving them barely any space to move. Similar to humans, when confined to these small spaces the animals experience psychological trauma and many of them go insane. Animals locked in fur farms have been known to self-harm, biting and clawing themselves to experience pain, and even eating the other animals sharing their cage.   

Animals become sick from living in feces and urine

The cages on fur farms are often stored in tiny sheds where the feces and urine from animals collect without being cleaned. The collection of feces and urine emits harmful gases that make the animals sick. The animals are helpless. Locked in small cages, living in their own waste, with no ability to escape they wait to be killed and used to make fashion accessories and apparel.

Brutal killing practices

Fur farms are notorious for using inhumane practices to kill animals. Electrocution performed on animals in fur farms is done by forcefully inserting rods into their mouths and anuses. Another inhumane practice used to kill animals on fur farms is poisoning them with strychnine. This chemical causes suffocation and painful paralyzation of their muscles and limbs.

There are currently no federal laws that prohibit fur farming

There’s a gap in the fight for animal rights and that’s protecting the rights of animals in fur farms. The Lacey Act, the Marine Mammal Protection Act, the Fur Seal Act, and the Endangered Species Act, are all great achievements for animal activism, but they only protect animals in the wild. There are no current laws that protect the rights of animals in fur farms, especially in China who is the largest exporter of fur in the world. This is a major issue considering that 85% of furs on the market today come from animals in fur farms.

Animals don’t deserve to die for the sake of fashion. Support vegan fashion with All Bella Vita and help the lives of innocent animals around the world.