Four Vegan Fashion Brands Worth Following

Fashion can be an extremely cruel industry when it comes to animal rights. They obtain fur, wool, and leather from establishments like fur factory farms that torture and kill innocent animals for the sake of style every single day. Vegan fashion brands separate themselves from the cruelty of the fashion industry by protecting the rights of all animals and living things. We’ve compiled a list of the designers and brands who strive to raise vegan fashion awareness and end animal cruelty in the fashion industry.

Love Sofie

There’s a large amount of frightening animal cruelty facts and figures that everyday consumers in the fashion industry are largely unaware of. Fur factory farms use brutal practices to kill animals like poisoning them with muscle paralyzers, electrocuting them through their mouth or anus, and gassing them in decompressed chambers. These practices consider the preservation of the animal’s fur and skin rather than their health and well-being. Love Sofie refuses to use leather, fur, or animal skins in any of their products. Started by founder Sofie Bly, they are a Sweden-based, animal-free, sustainable shoes and accessories brand.

With an immense empathy for all living things, Sofie understands the brutal animal-cruelty statistics that have become the fashion industry’s harsh reality. She created her brand combining compassion and sustainability to offer high-quality products that protect our environment and the rights of animals everywhere. Here at All Bella Vita, we are huge fans of Love Sofie’s chic shoes, and more importantly, her mission to promote sustainability and cruelty-free production throughout the fashion industry.

Stella McCartney

Designer and vegetarian fashion brand Stella McCartney, wants to create a better future for fashion. At Stella, they “believe in treating animals and their habitats with respect to promote a cruelty-free ethos and continue to innovate ways of creating sustainable materials.” Stella McCartney designs everything from sneakers to sunglasses, dresses and lingerie, and all of her products promise sustainable, animal-free production practices. They explore new manufacturing technologies to create animal-free alternatives to fur, silk, leather, and wool that allow consumers to look fabulous for a great cause.


FruitenVeg is a Peta-approved vegan fashion accessories brand located in New York City that completely challenges the idea of “luxury” apparel. They create faux fur alternatives to dissociate luxury from materials like leather, wool, and fur. Their fashion-forward looks make a humanitarian statement. The vegan fashion brand has a “never leather project” to show consumers that faux is fashionable, but more importantly, humane. They combine craftsmanship, quality hardware, and precise design to give customers a luxury handbag with no animals suffering in the process.

Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat is an inspirational handbag designer brand that’s dedicated to both sustainability and veganism. Their use of recyclable materials like cork and rubber, and refusal to use animal products in the production of their handbags make them a brand worth following. They also line all of their handbags with 100% recycled plastic bottles. With tons of support from cruelty-free celebrities like Charlize Theron, Olivia Wilde, and Natalie Portman, Matt & Nat have developed quite the following already. We love their activism in the vegan fashion movement and their dedication to eco-ethical fashion that benefit both animals and the environment.

Vegan fashion brands are making an impactful difference for animal rights throughout the fashion industry. They are designers, but more importantly, activists who attempt to give animals the voices they don’t have. Follow these vegan fashion brands and shop some of their ethical fashion products at All Bella Vita.