Vegan Leather Alternatives: The Cruelty-Free Materials Designer Are Using

Billions of innocent animals are killed and tortured every year for their skins to produce leather apparel and accessories. This means the leather boots, belts, watches, and accessories hanging on the racks, or potentially in your closet, were likely constructed on the foundation of animal cruelty and suffering. The good news is, there are cruelty-free options out there that give you a stylish wardrobe without contributing to the senseless abuse of animals within the fashion industry.

It simply takes a bit of knowledge on the vegan leather materials being sold today, and why these vegan leather alternatives are the more ethical option. Here’s what you need to know about vegan leather, and how it saves the lives of animals around the world.

Animal Cruelty within the leather industry: Why vegan leather is the ethical alternative

Cattle tortured for leather in India and China

In India and China, there are no laws, penalties, or rules against animal abuse on farms. Cattle that are specifically raised for the production of leather in these countries march for days on end without being fed any food or water. These starving, dehydrated cattle are physically unable to move due to their poor health conditions and are beaten until they inevitably die. The abuse ranges from rubbing red pepper in their eyes to clipping their tails in half as punishment for being unresponsive and physically unable to move or march.

Dogs killed for leather in China

PETA led an undercover investigation in Asia that revealed the needless killing of innocent dogs for the production of leather fashion apparel and accessories. The investigation captures the disturbing abuse on camera, and the footage is incredibly hard to watch. Dogs are beaten with wooden poles until knocked unconscious. Many of them struggle to breathe as workers slit their throats, and some of them are skinned by workers while still alive. The animals’ suffering is undeniable, and the cruelty of the acts being done to them irrefutable.

Animals do not need to suffer for the sake of fashion. Vegan leather is an ethical alternative that is 100% cruelty-free and decreases your contribution to the senseless torturing and killing of animals within the fashion and leather industry.

Accessible vegan leather materials you can add to your closet


Piñatex is a vegan leather alternative that is 100% cruelty-free and sustainable. Commonly used by designers like INA KOELLN to make vegan handbags, this vegan leather material is made from pineapple leaf fibres that are the by-product of the pineapple harvest. Not only do these fibres create a completely animal-free alternative, but they offer additional benefits to agricultural systems and the farmers who care for them. No extra land, water, fertilizer, or pesticides are required to produce the pineapple leaf fibres, and by purchasing this Piñatex material you support the livelihood of the farmers who harvest them.


Another material often used as a vegan leather alternative that refuses to harm animals or the environment in the process of production is cork. Everyday items like wine bottles and bulletin boards most likely come to mind, but for the sake of reducing animal cruelty within the leather industry, cork is now utilized for fashion. All Bella Vita offers tons of vegan designers who use cork to make all kinds of vegan leather apparel and accessories. Everything from yoga mats to backpacks, designers like CorkYogis, Eba, INA KOELLN, and Annaborgia make the most of this vegan-friendly material.


Don’t be hesitant to buy a handbag made from mushrooms. This vegan leather alternative has outstanding texture and aesthetic and saves the lives of animals who are senselessly killed for the production of leather every day. Commonly referred to as MuSkin, this mushroom vegan leather alternative comes from a large fungus that grows in the wild on the trees of subtropical forests. The material is safe for skin contact and is all-natural, sustainable, and cruelty-free.

If you want to save the lives of innocent animals and help put an end to their brutal abuse within the leather industry, seek out these vegan leather alternatives. Animals don’t deserve to suffer, especially not for fashion. Shop All Bella Vita’s vegan designer brands that offer a variety of vegan leather apparel and accessories to protect the rights of animals everywhere.